2022 Preece Nagambie Grenache Rosé


The Preece Wines collection pay homage to the legacy of Mitchelton’s founding winemaker Colin Preece, also known as one of Australia’s masterful blenders. Embracing the fastidious approach and innovative flair that Colin Preece extolled throughout his highly decorated career, the Mitchelton winemakers’ creatively explore Victoria’s rich and diverse viticultural landscape and some of the best patchwork of exciting sub regions in search of highly expressive sites and the finest quality. Handcrafting a collection of fruit-forward varieties, the contemporary Preece wines herald an exciting new era of wine and viticultural exploration from this iconic Victorian winery.

Tasting Note: Bright, fleshy fruit flavours of red berries, white citrus are complimented by lemongrass and ginger and clothe the natural, fine acid backbone. The savoury, textural fine tannins build through the palate delivering a persistent and balanced finish with a sense of freshness. Nuanced and layered aromas of citrus, redcurrant and sour cherry along with distinctive rosemary and ginger scents.

“Rose is so versatile, it can be enjoyed on its own, in the sun, chilled with friends and family, think sitting by the Nagambie lake enjoying a picnic and good times. It also shines in more formal settings, the drier styles are beautiful food wines, from seafood through to fresh in season produce.” – Natalie Cleghorn, Chief Winemaker




6.37 gm/L





Residual Sugar

1.31 gm/L


Produced with egg products

Standard Drinks


Sourcing By (Region)

Nagambie, Central Victoria 100%