2019 Preece Pinot Grigio


The Preece Wines collection pay homage to the legacy of Mitchelton’s founding winemaker Colin Preece, also known as one of Australia’s masterful blenders. Embracing the fastidious approach and innovative flair that Colin Preece extolled throughout his highly decorated career, the Mitchelton winemakers’ creatively explore Victoria’s rich and diverse viticultural landscape and some of the best patchwork of exciting sub regions in search of highly expressive sites and the finest quality. Handcrafting a collection of fruit-forward varieties, the contemporary Preece wines herald an exciting new era of wine and viticultural exploration from this iconic Victorian winery.

Tasting Notes
Colour: Pale straw with green edges
Nose: The nose offers up an abundance of ripe Yellow pear, Honeydew melon, fragrant wildflower and ginger. Palate: The palate displays flavours of Nashi pear, green apple and lime with subtle spice and quince notes. A bright acid backbone supports the excellent fruit weight and intensity leading to a balanced finish that is crisp and clean.

The King Valley is one of Australia’s most exciting and emerging wine regions. Home to the most picturesque and unspoilt valley in Australia, King Valley benefits from a cool climate with extremely varied terrain, that ranges from snow-capped Alps to sun baked fields. At an altitude of 350 metres above sea level, the cool and pristine Alpine air of the King Valley source vineyard endows long summer days and cool crisp nights which support the harmonious flavour development in Pinot Grigio.                                                                                                                             Vintage Conditions
Winter was cold delivering a good dormancy for vines. The Winter and Spring rainfall leading into the 2019 harvest was excellent, with soil moisture’s replenished, and vines in excellent condition. September through to December was cooler than average, ensuring good even budburst and flowering. The flowering to fruit set period was quick, assisting in good berry numbers. The berry development and ripening period from December to March was one of the driest on record, consequently there was no disease pressure. The 2019 yields were slightly below average, delivering fruit with purity and freshness.

Wine Data


September October November December January February March April
31.4mm 26.2mm 73.8mm 132.2mm 17.2mm 23.2mm 35.8mm 30.8mm


Mean Monthly Temperature

September October November December January February March April
17.1°C 22.9°C 24.0°C 30.4°C 33.9°C 31.2°C 26.9°C 21.3°C


Budburst: 4th October 2018
Flowering: 20th November 2018
Veraison: 15th January 2019
Harvest: 2nd March 2019

The Pinot Grigio fruit was picked in early March at 11.2° baumé. The grapes were picked in the early morning, pressed off skins into tank for fermentation with some solids to provide complexity and texture while still retaining freshness. Once in tank, alcoholic fermentation with high solids content at a constant 12°C was completed slowly over 4 weeks. This allowed retainment of fresh aromas and flavours while providing creamy texture and mouthfeel. The wine was left on yeast lees with weekly stirring to protect the freshness of the wine and adding further complexity before fining, filtering and bottling.

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Produced with milk

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